Our Mission – is Vision…

Our mission is to develop Augmented Reality (AR) technology – through Head Up Display’s (HUDs) implementing future increased requirements for better HMI and productivity in “off highway vehicles”.
United Nations’ (FAO) call for food production to increase with 60% by 2050 – as an example. Has to be met with new technology for precision farming where better HMI is a key to success.

We believe firmly in IoT (Internet of Things) – and our mission to empower industrial vehicle operators with HUD‘s has also documented effects in lowering operator stress in this increased IoT data stream.

This is Augmented Reality – in Reality…


Optea was founded 2005 as a spin-off from InFocus Corp, a world wide leader of projector Technology.
From day One, our focus has been developing niche display solutions, such as HUD’s, for specific applications. Since 2010 we have focused in Forestry, Precision Farming, Earthmoving and Offshore applications.

Products and Services

Optea develops innovative Display Systems, such as Head Up Displays (HUDs) mainly for Off-Highway Vehicles (OHVs). Including Augmented Reality (AR) for Harvesters, Combines, forwarders, earth moving machines, mining machines, and many more. . We supply optimized and brighter digital images that through projection technology enhance HMI (Human-Machine Interaction). Our Display Systems are optimized for vehicle environments where 12/24VDC is available. Optea provides both Standardized Products and Engineering Services. Our customers base is found mainly in Forestry, Offshore, Defense, Automotive/Industrial Vehicles and similar markets.


Optea possesses patents  and design patents related to the applications we work in.

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